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TravelInsuranceTravel insurance is strongly recommended as it may cover trip cancellations due to family emergencies and much more. If a guest declines travel insurance, that guest has waived the right to a refund in the event of any cancellation or interruption. Travel insurance is added by default when a property is reserved/booked, however the guest may opt-out and remove it from the reservation/booking.  The cost is 7% of your reservation.  If a guest does NOT have travel insurance, that guest is ineligible to receive any amount (partial or full) of a refund. If a guest has travel insurance and cancels for any covered reason* (*most anything other than a change of mind), that guest may be eligible to receive all or part of your reservation payment back.
How do I check on a specific coverage/cancellation reason to see if it is covered?
Specific questions about coverage can be answered by calling 888-933-1113.

How do I make a travel insurance claim?
If you have purchased travel insurance with your reservation, a policy from Royal Adventure travel insurance through Rental Guardian, underwritten by Jubilee at Lloyd's, has automatically been purchased for you.  If you want to cancel, postpone, arrival late or leave early for a covered reason, you must report the claim to Royal Adventure Insurance directly at 1-888-933-1113 or online at Rental Guardian to be reimbursed.  Royal Adventure will recover the cost of the rental and determine the refund applicable.  SkyRun can provide the policy number if Royal Adventure is unable to locate it when you call.
How do it receive emergency travel assistance provided by my policy?
Call Royal Adventure at 888-933-1115.

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