Puerto Vallarta Property Owners

Are you a Puerto Vallarta Property Owner?

income estimatorSkyRun is a full-service, on-site property management company that serves Puerto Vallarta and the surrounding areas.  We rent your vacation home or condo through this site and through our network of online advertising channels.  As vacation property owners ourselves, we take managing your real estate investment seriously.

SkyRun earns our money without monthly fees and only when we book your vacation property; plus, our LinensPlus program means you'll never have to manage or be invoiced for sheets, towels, and disposable supplies in need of regular replacement again.

We offer 3 programs tailored to your needs:

  • SkyOne: Full Service traditional property management by local professionals on commission. We don’t get paid unless we are earning you income. Our most popular program.

  • SkyCare: SkyRun provides guest services, maintenance, cleaning and calendar management for guests YOU find (*and we can help you get more rentals also!)

  • SkyReturns: Guaranteed monthly returns for your property. You get a check from SkyRun every month for a set amount and can still use your property! SkyRun takes on the risk. Your costs for owning the property don't vary by month, why should your rental income?

In short, we advertise, rent, clean, and help maintain your property, and are always on call for guest assistance. SkyRun can help increase bookings, generating more income for you while reducing the hassle of trying to do it yourself. Plus, you'll enjoy personal use of your second home more since we can help prepare for and clean after your own stays.  We even guarantee that if we don't make you more money than you did with your current property manager, that we'll refund our commission.

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The fine print on the ways we can help is even more appealing than the summary.  For more information and a free, no-commitment property assessment to discuss how we can better serve you, please call directly at 512.842.6474 or email us at Puerto Vallarta@skyrun.com.

Thank you for considering SkyRun Puerto Vallarta!