running in simulation mode, so no payments have been made nor any databases updated, or emails sent only the results that WOULD HAVE BEEN processed had this NOT been a simulation are shown. Should be the same if you run it again and again.

email that would have been sent for autopayment run today is:

Exceptions have been found when processing the following reservation automatic payments. These payments will be attempted/reviewed again when the automatic payments are next made which is typically every 24 hours, so it is suggested that they be corrected asap so the payment can occur. Note that it is ok to correct AND THEN reprocess the payment manually to make sure it goes through with the corrected information. The guest will not be charged again if you manually re-process the payment.
Payment Exceptions
Resv #GuestArrivalAmountSource/Codes UsedError
25joshua kessler - - 702467510912/28/18$1,701.00RedAwning_US - OTHERO REDAWNINGExpected check/cash not received